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"I've learned you can't make someone love you... You can only stalk them and hope they panic and eventually give in." - Unknown

Nicknames: LEW, Lew-Lew, Doll, Mebobalew, The Super Percussionist, Wonder Woman, Rowsdower, Lewbert, Quad Chick #1, Layley, 1000 lb Gorilla, Wench...

B-Day: March 26

Location: Mi

What I do: rowing, drums, unintentionally collect road signs, sail, spork people's lawns, chinese fire drills, break into Starbucks in the wee hours of the night, ice skate, cross-country skiing, Johnny Depp, YOUR MOM...

Awesome Bands: Audioslave, REM, Beatles, BB King, Bob Marley, Weezer, The Doors, Janis Joplin, Cake, Eve 6, CCR, The Guess Who, Cat Stevens, Steve Miller, Pearl Jam, Iron Butterfly, George Clinton, Alicia Keys, Led Zeppelin, Linkin Park, David Byrne/Talking Heads, System of a Down, Incubus, Green Day, Tool, Live, Eric Clapton, Foo Fighters, Collective Soul, Offspring, Hendrix, STP, Sarah McLachlan, Candlebox, Sublime, Beck, Chemical Bros, Tenacious D...

Favorite Place to be: Hawaii or COSTA RICA or basically anyplace that doesn't resemble Rochester or Allendale

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